Retrouvaille of Northern Virginia Board of Directors - Contact Us

Coordinating Couple - Chris and Kim Kargas
Coordinating Couple Emeritus - John and Debbie Gilligan
Deputy Coordinating Couple - Vacant
Finance Couple - Steve and Yolanda Villanueva
Secretary Couple - Patrick and Kate Abbott

Ex Officio Board Members
Registration Couple - Amy and Jay Vennett
Weekend Coordinator Couple - Vacant
Post Weekend Coordinator Couple - Bill and Deb Lowry
Chaplain - Fr. Don Heet

At Large Board Members

CORE Coordinator Couple - Russ and Rosalie Armour
Area CORE Facilitator Couples - To be added as needed
Database Couple - Vacant

Optional Board Members

Prayer Couple - Elaine Anderson
Friday Night Registration Couple - Vacant
Weekend Supply Couple - Vacant
Publicity Couple - Bill and Nagwa Savich
Web Team Couple - Jay and Amy Vennett

If you have a desire to serve as a leader in our community, please contact our Coordinating Couple, Chris and Kim Kargas.